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'See The Light' 12" Vinyl (autographed)

  • Contains 2x12" vinyl records.  Inner sleeves with lyrics and credits. Cover image by Ruvan Wijesooriya. Vinyl label images by Marco Ovando. Outer and inner logo design by Katie McKay.  


    Track listing:

    A1    White Horse    4:59
    A2    See The Light    4:47
    A3    Prisoner Of Love ft – Ahnoni    4:30
    B1    In The Heat    4:25
    B2    Jessica Jessica    1:14
    B3    Freak The Night    3:38
    B4    Good To Go    4:10
    C1    Fun Girl    5:06
    C2    Not Anymore    2:35
    C3    Champagne Bubbles / Remember When    3:34
    D1    Blessed Mother    3:04
    D2    U Motion    4:18
    D3    Stars In Your Eyes    4:52

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